The Rockaway Center Joins Partners on Promise Neighborhood Grant

The Rockaway Center for Community Development and Education Reform is joining forces with several Far Rockaway nonprofit organizations to apply for the US Department of Education Promise Neighborhoods planning grant.

Promise Neighborhoods, established under the legislative authority of the Fund for the Improvement of Education Program (FIE), provides funding to support eligible entities, including (1) nonprofit organizations, which may include faith-based nonprofit organizations, and (2) institutions of higher education.

The program is intended to significantly improve the educational and developmental outcomes of all children in our most distressed communities, including rural and tribal communities, and to transform those communities by:

  1. supporting efforts to improve child outcomes and ensure that the outcomes are communicated and analyzed on an ongoing basis by leaders and members of the community;
  2. identifying and increasing the capacity of eligible entities that are focused on achieving results and building a college-going culture in the neighborhood;
  3. building a continuum of academic programs and family and community supports, from the cradle through college to career, with a strong school or schools at the center;
  4. integrating programs and breaking down agency “silos” so that solutions are implemented effectively and efficiently across agencies;
  5. supporting the efforts of eligible entities, working with local governments, to build the infrastructure of policies, practices, systems, and resources needed to sustain and “scale up” proven, effective solutions across the broader region beyond the initial neighborhood; and learning about the overall impact of Promise Neighborhoods and about the relationship between particular strategies in Promise Neighborhoods and student outcomes, including a rigorous evaluation of the program.
The Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center Inc. (“Addabbo”) is working in partnership with Challenge Preparatory Charter School (“Challenge Prep”) and the Center for Educational Innovation – Public Education Association (CEI-PEA) to establish a Promise Neighborhood in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York City. These three entities are coming together in order to provide the full range of resources necessary for a successful planning process: community leadership, educational leadership (both local and city-wide), expertise in health and wellness programming, and demonstrated ability to effect positive reforms in policies and practices related to all of the areas that will be included in the Far Rockaway Promise Neighborhood’s “Continuum of Solutions.”

The Rockaway Center for Community Development and Education Reform is joining as a supporting agency to in engaging families and the community in multiple planned program tracks.

The grant application was submitted on June 25.  Notification is expected by the end of the summer.


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